LOWER your property assessment for 2023!

Very few people attempt to get any relief on their property assessment feeling that "you can't beat city hall".  This is not always the case...

Are you looking to lower your property assessment and save money on your property taxes? Property Tax Experts, Inc. can help you achieve this goal. With our vast array of data sources and valuation expertise, we are experts in identifying over-assessed properties and securing property assessment reductions within DuPage and McHenry Counties.

This year is a general assessment year, which takes place every four years. During this time, all property assessments will be thoroughly re-evaluated instead of just being adjusted using a multiplier. Any reductions from previous board of review hearings may be undone during this process. It's important to note that an assessment change, whether it's an increase or decrease, may not accurately reflect the current market value of your property. Don't be complacent and ensure your assessment truly represents the value of your property and avoid overpaying on your real estate tax. If you are over assessed we can help you get the savings you deserve and beat city hall.

The timeline for filing an assessment appeal with all supporting evidence is only 30 days from when the 2023 assessment is published. The estimated publication date is anywhere between June and December, so it's important to act quickly. If you miss the deadline, you will not be able to dispute your current year's assessment. Check your county assessor's site for the specific appeal filing deadlines:

Request an assessment review from Property Tax Experts, Inc today and take advantage of our expertise in reviewing property tax assessments. Get the lowest possible assessment you deserve and beat city hall!

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